Advise a Team

Registration for 2007-2008 is now open for students!

You are welcome to ask us about becoming an "Adult Team Member" for 2007-2008 Email Sally O'Rourke. We'll sign you up and begin working with you to answer questions and get you ready for next year's challenge.

A team advisor only needs to know how to help keep a team on track, on schedule and on time. Other people will help your team with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) content as needed. To advise a team, plan to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes each week talking to the students about their progress and communications with others. Once a month, we'll invite you to talk to program staff using the free Skype "voice over Internet Protocol."

To get set up for online conferences, go to Skype and download the free application. Once you have it installed, add "dcgibson" and "sally.orourke" as contacts. We'll also remind you twice each month to check in with your team to see if they need anything from our staff, advice from scientists, or a kick-start at any point in time. Two other references you might want to read: Contest Rules Yearly Calendar Select a future month to see activities in detail. Teams are not expected to be able to complete all activities; they should choose activities that fit with their emerging key ideas to solve global warming or the energy future. Every other week are activities to help build the scored business plan that is to be submitted for judging in late April.