Be an Expert STEM Mentor

If you have knowledge and experience in STEM content (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and/or want to help any team, or a few of them, by sharing your expertise, please register as a "STEM Mentor" and we'll set you up! Email Sally O'Rourke if you have questions. We have three things in mind for people with expertise.

One is to be available if a team of four students sends you an email with a question. This, we estimate might take zero time in the coming year if no students contact you; or it could expand depending on your interest and interactions with students.

Two is a deeper longer term relationship where your research area becomes a focal point for building an online interactive learning experience for kids. For the second variety, we would work with you to seek new funding.

Three is to involve you in judging student submissions. If no student teams contact you, or if a team does contact you but they are not in the semi-finalists, you can play this role. You decide how much you are able to do for the students and the project. We also have a page of STEM Mentor Questions and Answers developed by current undergradate STEM Mentors working with the program.

Thanks for making yourself available!