Sponsor an Award

Identify yourself or your company with a major gift that sponsors Prizes, or a Scholarship Award. By doing so, you join with others in Preparing Students to Succeed in the Global Economy

We invite you to consider a philanthropic investment in The Global Challenge (GC). The goal of the GC is to prepare high school students to succeed in the global economy by strengthening their skills in science, technology, business, problem solving and cross-cultural collaboration. Additionally, the GC aims to inspire students to explore connections between abstract disciplines and real-life applications before they graduate. Mentored throughout the school year by undergraduates, professionals and parents, each cross-cultural team is tasked to create a business plan outlining the design and production of a new product that aids in solving complex global problems, such as global warming.

In this high-impact learning experience, students collaborate beyond the classroom in an innovative, three-dimensional Online environment, incorporating educational content, “voice-over-Internet- protocol” communication, research centers and other project support capabilities into an engaging, e-learning ‘world lab’, called GC World. Corporations such as yours have an opportunity to inspire the world’s best and brightest high school and college students.

The GC team will work with you to create an experience within the program tailored to deliver powerful and effective messages or recruiting opportunities for your company. Over the next few years The Global Challenge will be available to virtually every high school student in the US and many of the top students in China, India, Korea, Japan and other fast-growing economies. Right now you have the opportunity to purchase a presence in the virtual GC World in the form of an educational center or building. Within your space, students from around the world will learn about your company and opportunities for employment, or may engage in educational activities related to your company’s business and integrated into The Global Challenge project.

We could create, for example, a requirement whereby students work through a company-sponsored case study or interactive activity to help build their science, math, engineering, technology, analytical and problem solving skills. With your contribution you can secure a prominent presence on campus among some of the world’s best companies. Early investors will have access to the most highly-visited locations on campus. We hope you will join us in preparing students to succeed in the new global economy.

We look forward to discussing a range of possibilities with you.

For more information, please contact Craig DeLuca at 802-253-7804.

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