Team Tools

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A live, interactive map of the world showing where Global Challenge students live. If you have friends who are not on the map and should be, tell them to register soon! Use the map to locate and make friends and build your International Team.

Team eFolio

An online advising and electronic portfolio system. After your Country Team meets and joins with another Country Team, we will assign you a private eFolio space for your International Team's work. The eFolio is where your International Team will create its solution, score it using online scoring tools, hold private discussions, get advice from your advisors, mentors and other experts, and create your winning final product! 

Yearly Calendar

The Yearly Calendar can provide your team with a week-by-week schedule to help you prepare for both the Technical Innovation and Global Business Plan Competitions! Use the calendar to stimulate ideas and work. Each week, the calendar offers suggestions on important aspects of the project.

Global Resources

Our unique collection of online resources. Google is great, but what if you don't know what you are searching for? Global Resources lays out a world of things to think about.

Patent Office

In January, or before if your team is ready, each team submits a brief outline of its innovative idea. Registering your idea protects it as a unique solution.

Questions? Email Sally C. O'Rourke - Director of Student Advising and Enrollment