SE Rubric

Each STEM Exploration offers three levels of completion: BASIC (1 point), GOING BEYOND (2 points), and GOING CRAZY (3 points).  STEM Exploration points are awarded by demonstrating the following:

1. Documentation of work in the team e-Folio for each level of the exploration completed. Work products prepared in response to a STEM Exploration should be posted within the team e-Folio, and could include reports, reflections, analyses, simulations, graphs, etc.

2. Evidence of team communication for each level of the exploration completed. STEM Explorations are designed to be self-directed learning experiences. Unless otherwise specified, explorations can be completed either individually or in cooperation with one or more team members. Team members who choose to collaboratively work through a STEM Exploration are asked to document such collaboration in their team e-Folio.  This could be in the form of emails or Skype conversations.  Likewise, team members who choose to complete an exploration independently should still provide feedback to their teammates regarding their STEM learning experience, such as responses/discussions about the exploration and its applicability to your overall business solution.