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  • For: Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air

    The Union of Concerned Scientists report

  • For: A Planetary Problem (Interview with Elizabeth Kolbert)

    Elizabeth Kolbert travelled from Alaska to Greenland, and visited top scientists, to get to the heart of the debate over global warming. Her three-part series on climate change appeared in The New Yorker in 2005; her new book, “Field Notes From a Catastrophe,” which grew out of the articles, will be published by Bloomsbury in March. Last April, she discussed her work with Amy Davidson.

  • For: James Gustave Speth Editorial

    "Time for Something Different" is a call to action to mitigate the effects of global warming.

  • For: Green Economy: After Oil

    A collection of several articles discussing how we can make the moves we need to after "Peak Oil."

  • For: Peter Doran Times Op-Ed

    This is an opinion piece by a scientist who was misquoted and used by some global warming "debunkers." Here he is setting the record straight.

  • For: A Denunciation of the Arguments against Global Warming

    This html page is by Chris Crawford

  • For: How climate cange will affect the world

    The effects of climate change will be felt sooner than scientists realised and the world must learn to live with the effects, experts said yesterday.(Sept 19, 2007)

  • For: Dr. James Hansen of Columbia

    Dr. Hansen writes "As a college student in Iowa, I was attracted to science and research by James Van Allen's space science program in the physics and astronomy department. Since then, it only took me a decade or so to realize that the most exciting planetary research involves trying to understand the climate change on Earth that will result from anthropogenic changes of the atmospheric composition."

  • For: Global Warming - How It Could Spark World War III

    In much the same way that Big Tobacco once vehemently denied the association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, for the longest time a number of multi-billion-dollar-a-year industries have also been questioning the existence of global warming and misleading the public about its reality.