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Pages tagged with "complex systems modeling"

  • CARA - Land Use Primer

    The CARA (Consortium for Atlantic Regional Assessment)website includes a Land Use Primer that discusses the application of models to predict information about future land use and/or land cover.

  • The Village Project

    The Village Project helps archaeologists understand the factors influencing settlement patterns of small-scale agrarian peoples by using agent-based computer modeling to investigate where prehistoric people of the American Southwest would have situated their households based on both the natural and social environments in which they lived.

  • Agent-based Simulation of Adaptation in Africa

    Funded by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, this project aims to provide an understanding of social responses to climate from seasonal to century timescales using an agent-based modeling approach.

  • Renewable Energy Initiative - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    This project examines the feasibility, economics and environmental implications of alternative energy sources in Illinois, particularly, wind, biomass and biowaste, and builds on dynamic games and agent-based modeling approaches developed for applications in economic and environmental management to provide a tool for decision-making in multi-actor environments.

  • Sandia National Labs Agent-Based Models - Applications

    Sandia National Laboratories Computation, Computers, Information and Mathematics (CCIM) Center specializes in high performance computing. Visit this site to see applications in agent based computational modeling of complex systems.

  • NCORE Reefsim Computer Model

    The National Center for Coral Research is developing an agent based model that will allow managers to respond preemptively to human or natural disturbances that have the potential to impact the coral reef ecosystem.