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  • Your Community Scorecard (US-based)

    Put your zip code in at Scorecard: The pollution information site and explore pollution information in your own community. OR, try looking for a business or industry that may be involved in your team's solution. Is the data accurate or out of date and does it raise more questions for you that you want to follow-up on?

  • Math Forum

    Got a question that involves mathematics? This site probably has the answer already and if you can't find can leave them a new question!

  • Math Tools Galore

    The Shodor (short and dorky) Foundation has a page full ot online interactive math tools that are very useful - "way cool."

  • Math Interactive

    Very cool site with a LOT of interactive math functions illustrated. let us know which ones you find most useful!

  • Circle Grapher

    This pie chart maker might come in handy someday...

  • Linear Regression

    Linear Regression shows a linear relationship among correlated data

  • Function Grapher

    Here is an fast way to graph functions of x.

  • Pan Balance - Expressions

    Learn what it means to balance an equation...and solve a system of equations!

  • Graphing Calculator

    It takes a little time to learn to use it..but you can check out your equations with it!

  • Multibar Graph Maker

    Great for showing how two sets of data look side by side!

  • Affine Recurrence Plotter

    Affine recurrence plots can be used to explore and represent "compounding" problems - like population growth and global warming effects.

  • Light Bounce

    Need to bounce light off of anything? Maybe this actity will help you.

  • Histogram Tool

    This histogram maker is great for displaying certain kinds of data...and it lets you explore how histograms work

  • Experimental Probability

    This great site lets you conduct probability experiments with traditional probability devices like a spinner and dice.

  • Interactive Mathematics Online

    This site was written by a team of three Seaford High School Students in 1996 under the direction of Mr. Tom Keeton. [Learning in Motion] Interactive Math Online was featured in the April 1997 issue of the "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web." Learning in Motion publishes the Monthly Top 10 List on our Web site for educators and students who are interested in integrating the Internet with their schoolwork.

  • GNUPlot

    GNU Graph - ah open source! What a great idea. This grapher will do very

  • PBS Commanding Heights

    Develop an understanding of globalization, world trade and economic development, including the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system.