Economic Analysis Tools

  • Gapminder - The Google Tool (Link)
    This analysis tool is "not to be missed!" It interactively presents data from UN research on human development issues across the globe. Also see the site that created the tool at
  • Measuring Benefits and Costs (Link)
    Decision makers have a need for a framework which structures information while taking into account the implications of complex systems variables. Cost-benefit analysis is such an analytical tool.
  • Economic versus financial analysis (Link)
    A confusion is often observed between economic analysis and financial analysis. Although the definitions may vary and some concepts attached to each of the two topics be not so easy to tackle, a rough distinction can be established:
  • Willingness to Pay (Link)
    There are trade-offs between the economic and financial viability of any project. This page uses a toll booth example to make this point.
  • World Bank - Private Sector Development (Link)
    This site offers best practice public policy advice for private sector led growth in developing countries. Find expert analysis, powerful databases, quick solutions, and comprehensive "how-to" guides.
  • EconEdLink DataLinks (Link)
    Provides US macroeconomic indicators.
  • PBS Commanding Heights (Link)
    Develop an understanding of globalization, world trade and economic development, including the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system.
  • EconData's "Ten Best" (Link)
    Picking the best of anything can be difficult. It's quite challenging when the subject is as vast and fast-changing as regional data sites on the Web. This list of the ten best sites is based on a combination of the highest vote-getters in EconData's data user survey and expert experience.
  • TYNAX the Technology Trading Exchange (Link)
    Want to understand a technology market? Here is the place. It lists dozens of topics, lets you track your market sector, and gives you today's headlines too.