• Carbon is 4 Ever (Link)
    Your name is Bond...Carbon Bond. Through a series of spy files and missions, you must gather information and learn about carbon and its compounds. If you play shrewdly, you will be able to gather clues that will eventually let you pit your skills against the final challenge. Have you got what it takes? Are you ready to join M's (Mendeleev's) team of carbon-sleuths?
  • Chemistry for Life (Link)
    Learn more about the fscinating world of chemistry! Visit the Virtual Gallery, do online experiments, view exciting films about the global themes of chemistry.
  • Chem 101 (Link)
    Chem101 is a site dedicated to Chemistry. Through out the creation of this site, we tried to follow two main principles. One, we tried to create a site that offered some educational purposes for visiting (ie educational value). >Yuk!< So we also tried to follow our second principle, keeping it FUN!
  • ChemFinder (Link)
    This site lets you look up any chemical and get its physical characteristics.
  • Chemistry Interactives from NOVA! (Link)
    Nothing is more fun (or better for some people's learning) than a hands-on interactive right online!
  • CO2 Science (Link)
    The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change was created to disseminate factual reports and sound commentary on new developments in the world-wide scientific quest to determine the climatic and biological consequences of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content.
  • ChemInfo (Link)
    CHEMINFO, Chemical Information Sources, is designed to help people find and learn how to use chemical information resources on the Internet and elsewhere. It brings together Web sites at Indiana University with significant chemical information content.
  • Molecular Visualization Tools & Sites (Link)
    If you want to "see" chemistry, this is one place to start!
  • The Electronic Chemistry Library (Link)
    Some of the resources are for University of Texas at Austin students only (information = power and power costs!); but, this is a good site with a lot of basic science information.
  • Chemistry Resources for Secondary Teachers (Link)
    We know, you are probably not a secondary teacher, but hey, you are looking for good chemistry links, right?
  • Library of Congress Selected Internet Resources - Chemistry (Link)
    The Library of Congress page of links for Chemistry.
  • Common Molecules (Link)
    Welcome to the Common Molecules collection, part of the Reciprocal Net project! The molecules in this site are considered common based on their general use or presence in the world in and around us or by the interest they spark because of their fascinating structural properties and innovative applications. We focused on molecules studied in chemistry classrooms of schools and colleges but our growing collection includes also current research results that might be of interest for the general public.
  • Library of 3-D Molecular Structures (Link)
    Want to see chemistry in 3D?
  • Public Domain Software for Molecular Modeling (Link)
    You'll have fun with these free, accessible modeling programs...
  • What is Atmospheric Chemistry? (Link)
    Atmospheric chemists are interested in understanding the chemical composition of the natural atmosphere, the way gases, liquids, and solids in the atmosphere interact with each other.