Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Bacterial Batteries (Link)
    Bacteria get a bad rap for causing disease, but many of these organisms are beneficial. Without them, we wouldn't be able to digest our food, and garbage would never decompose. Now, one group of scientists has found another way to put bacteria to work.
  • Bohr Quantum Atom Interactive Tutorial (Link)
    When 19th Century scientists looked at the light coming off of just one element, hydrogen for instance, they didn't see the whole rainbow. The Bohr model solved the mystery.
  • Electricity Online (Link)
    The study of electricity has captivated scientific minds for centuries, arousing the curiosity of individuals whose subsequent electrical discoveries have changed our way of life and our perception of the cosmos. We are indebted to generations of these electrical investigators for today's electronic society, our sense of global community, and our current understanding of the physical universe. These resources are a beginning point for your exploration.
  • Electric Field Viewer (Link)
    This java applet lets you play around with "field effects."
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Movie (Link)
    This movie from NASA will help you describe the differences between the types of radiation emitted by the sun and the earth.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Interactive (Link)
    Did you know that when you feel the sun's rays, hear your favortie tune on the radio, get an X-ray at the dentist, or microwave popcorn, you are using different forms of electromagnetic energy? Find out more...
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Interactive 2 (Link)
    Point and click your way to a better understanding of the EM radiation spectrum
  • Electromagnetic Waves Interactive (Link)
    Very cool site! You can build a model atom and watch the electrons fly by or around a nucleus (or attractor).
  • Electromagnetic Waves Interactive Animations (Link)
    Here are three cool animations of EM wave interaction. Our favorite shows the color of the spectrum range along with other details.
  • IEEE Virtual Museum (Link)
    Imagine life without telephones, TVs, computers, x-rays, lasers and the Internet. Hard to do? Well they all have one thing in common - electricity and magnetism. Wait, that's two things...
  • The Shocking Truth about Electricity (Link)
    Have you ever wondered how much we depend on electricity? Where does electricity come from? What are those volts, amps and watts anyway? If you have ever thought about any of these questions, then you've come to the right place.
  • SimSurface (Link)
    SimSurface might best be described as a "what-if tool." It is not designed to lead a student through an artificial, preprogrammed "experiment"; rather, it allows the student to have an authentic scientific experience.
  • TechTopics: Electricity (Link)
    This is a great interactive site with a "technology" bent on electricity.
  • Making Waves Interactive (Link)
    Learn about wave length and frequency by constructing and measuring waves.
  • Heating Up Interactive (Link)
    Temperature and wavelength are compared by lighting a fire under a robot!
  • Planck Radiation Law (Link)
    This site also covers the Wien and Stefan-Boltzmann Laws. Links to three interactive illustrations: 1. The Planck Law 2. Wien's Law, Stefan-Boltzmann Law, and Color Indices and 3. BlackBody: The Game!