Vermont Organizations

  • Alliance for Climate Action (Link)
    The Alliance for Climate Action is a group of local, regional and state-level professionals that developed the 10% Challenge. The 10% Challenge is a key part of the Alliance's commitment to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Biomass Energy Resource Center (Link)
    BERC has several campaigns including a group of services, technology projects and information resources on biomass energy.
  • Building for Social Responsibility (Link)
    Building for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a group of Vermont building professionals and others who are concerned with the impact of their work on their communities and society.
  • Central Vermont Public Service (Link)
    CVPS Cow Power™ links farms, renewables and customers. For Central Vermont Public Service customers who want to support renewable energy and Vermont dairy farms.
  • Campaign Earth (Link)
    Campaign Earth’s mission is to bring everyday people to a new level of personal involvement in critical environmental issues, like global warming.
  • Central Vermont Solar and Wind (Link)
    Central Vermont Solar and Wind was formed to help Vermonters transition from the Petroleum Age to the Solar Age by assisting in building independent power systems for the building site, existing home, or camp far from the last power pole
  • Efficiency Vermont (Link)
    Efficiency Vermont is the nation's first statewide provider of energy efficiency services.
  • GE Free VT (Link)
    The GE Free Vermont Campaign on Genetic Engineering is a statewide coalition of public interest groups, businesses, concerned citizens and farmers, who are organizing to oppose genetic engineering at the local, state and national level, and calling for a "Time Out" on GMOs.
  • Vermont CoolHome (Link)
    The Vermont CoolHome campaign is a collaboration between Vermont methane and Midwest wind renewable energy projects to produce 6 tons of carbon dioxide reductions.
  • Intervale Foundation (Link)
    The Interval Foundation is a coalition of small agricultural businesses which develop farm-and land-based enterprises that generate economic and social opportunity while protecting natural resources.
  • Local Motion (Link)
    Local Motion promotes bicycling, walking, running, inline skating and the facilities that make sure travel safe, easy and fun.
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association - Vermont (Link)
    NOFA Vermont is a non-profit association of farmers, gardeners, and consumers working to promote an economically viable and ecologically sound Vermont food system for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • Renewable Energy Resource Center (Link)
    The Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC) provides consumers with information on solar hot water and solar electric renewable energy systems.
  • Renewable Energy Vermont (Link)
    Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) is working to transform Vermont from a foreign fossil fuel based economy to an economy increasingly based on our own renewable energy.
  • Rural VT (Link)
    Rural Vermont is a nonprofit farm advocacy group that represents those who are opposed to corporate industrial agriculture.
  • Shelburne Farms Education Programs (Link)
    Shelburne Farms' education programs, which take place both on- and off-site, are designed to share with learners of all ages the wonders and workings of the natural and agricultural world.
  • Solarfest (Link)
    SolarFest’s mission is to educate people about renewable energy by engaging the community through the performing arts.
  • Solar Works (Link)
    Solar Works, Inc. is a renewable energy systems integrator and contractor, providing solar electric (photovoltaic), solar thermal and wind power systems for residential, commercial, and institutional customers.
  • State of Vermont Department of Public Service (Link)
    The Energy Efficiency Division of the Department of Public Service works to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in Vermont through several forums, including regulatory, legislative, informational and educational
  • Sustainable Energy Resource Group (Link)
    Sustainable Energy Resource Group (SERG) promotes energy conservation, efficiency and renewables through the formation of town energy committees.
  • University of Vermont (Link)
    UVM has several campaigns.
  • Vermont Biodiesel Project (Link)
    The Vermont Biodiesel Project is the first phase of the Vermont Biofuels Initiative, a public/private collaboration established to help accelerate growth of the emerging biofuels industry in Vermont.
  • Vermont Biofuels Association (Link)
    The Vermont Biofuels Association is dedicated to increasing the demand for locally produced biodiesel and other agricultural fuels through marketing, education and research, and to serve as a community resource for the development of a sustainable biofuels industry in Vermont.
  • Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (Link)
    Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) is a group of businesspeople who believe businesses have as much responsibility to workers, communities and the environment as they do to being financially successful.
  • Vermont Campus Energy Group (Link)
    The Vermont Campus Energy Group (VCEG) is a resource to improving energy efficiency and renewable energy at Vermont colleges or universities.
  • Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (Link)
    The Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network (VECAN) is a program designed to support the development and work of local energy and climate action committees and initiatives across the state.
  • Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (Link)
    VEIC's mission is to reduce the economic, social, and environmental costs of energy consumption through the promotion of cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
  • Vermont Small Scale Wind Energy Program (Link)
    Through a series of Department of Energy (DOE) grants secured by Senator Jim Jeffords, the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS) has assisted close to 20 Vermont schools, municipal and state facilities, and agricultural sites in installing wind turbine systems on their properties.
  • Vermont Forum on Sprawl (Link)
    Vermont Forum on Sprawl encourages economic vitality in community centers and preserve Vermont's unique working landscape and quality of life.
  • Vermont Green Building Network (Link)
    The VGBN is a non-profit networking organization dedicated to expanding the market for "green building."
  • Vermont Natural Resources Council (Link)
    VNRC works with partner organizations and relevant state agencies to advocate for energy conservation and efficiency at all levels of energy production and utilization, pushing for appropriate legislative action necessary to implement efficiency standards throughout public and private institutions.