11/9/85: Microsoft Windows

The first "flattener," launched close to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, was Microsoft Windows.
  • Wikipedia: Microsoft (Link)
    Get a quick history of this corporation, and its influence on the technological world.
  • Microsoft Timeline (Link)
    Hobbyists became entrepreneurs - some more successfully than others. Personal computers proliferated, with no standards and no preconceived notions of what these new machines could be or could do. It was an adventure shared by a virtual handful of enthusiasts...
  • .NET Framework (Link)
    For software developers, the .NET framework is one of the most significant changes to the Windows platform since its introduction. It brings into the operating system features and responsibilities that previously had been provided individually by programming languages and tools from various sources.
  • Microsoft goes cross-platform with WPF/Everywhere (Link)
    Microsoft is taking its next-generation user interface cross-platform, with a new runtime that lets .NET and XAML run on the Mac and elsewhere.