Offshoring can be defined as relocation of business processes (including production/manufacturing as well as services) to a lower cost location, usually overseas.
  • Why We Have Nothing to Fear from Foreign Outsourcing (Link)
    Contrary to the popular perception, foreign outsourcing is not to blame for the deep recession that struck the information technology industry beginning in early 2000.
  • The Emerging Global Labor Market (Link)
    MGI's latest research takes a look at the emerging global labor market in services and explores the notion of "global resourcing," the process a company goes through to decide which of its activities could be performed anywhere in the world, where to locate them, and who will do them. It also explores the real demand and supply of offshore talent.
  • The Impact of Offshoring on the U.S. Economy: Policy Perspectives (Link)
    On Thursday, May 20, 2004, the Center for American Progress held an event, "The Impact of Offshoring on the U.S. Economy: Policy Perspectives," on Capitol Hill.
  • Offshoring by the Numbers (Link)
    As the debate over the offshoring of American jobs intensifies, experts on all sides of the issue are complaining about the lack of relevant data.
  • Flattener #6, Offshoring (Link)
    Either you get flat or you'll be flattened...