Patent Office

There are three kinds of files available in the Patent Office:

  1. Current Submissions (within the last year)
  2. Past year's winners - 2006 and 2007
  3. A submission form (below) for your team. When your team is ready, fill out this Patent Application Form to protect your ideas. To get an idea of what a "patent application" looks like, search the US Patent Office database.

Submission Form Instructions

Title of the invention/product: (Please limit your title to a maximum of 10 words)
Abstract: (Provide a brief description of the invention/product that will be used to search for your application on the web)
Claims of Innovation: (Briefly describe what makes this product unique; what are the key ideas you are protecting with this patent)
Prior Art: (Describe the pre-existing technology upon which your innovation depends or builds. Include references)
Drawings: (Please number and title the important parts)
Descriptions of the Drawing: (Use the numbers in the drawings in your description to identify and describe the parts and how they work.)
Team Name:(Please type your International Team's name)
Date:(Please type today's date)
Please enter the following 4-letter code into the field below.