eFolio for Advisors

Advisors and STEM Mentors use the eFolio to monitor team progress, make suggestions and offer models of expression (e.g. good writing, good logical, creative and scientific thinking) so that team members get a "jump-start" toward high quality team products. Do not be afraid of "doing their work for them." Students will take what you show them as an example, and will then shape their own thinking around that. Your modeling is a crucial part of how they learn to think like an adult, professional, scientific, engineer, creative thinker and problem-solver. The eFolio is a private place where four students will learn from everything you offer them. Here are some basics and suggestions.
  • You can't break anything on the web site, so don't be afraid of clicking your mouse on any and every link just to see what it does. Exploring is a good way to find things out. It will be obvious when you are filling out a form of some kind and that is the only time that anything you do is recorded...and you can alway delete anything you make. So, feel free and unfettered!
  • Read the Suggestions for Team Members
  • Create a bookmark in your browser for your team's eFolio location for easy and immediate access. Have the computer remember your name and password if you use a home computer for this work.
Giving feedback on a team's Goals or Work:
  • The most helpful feedback relates what the team has done to the requirements in the most appropriate row of the BP rubric.
  • You can always ask the team these questions:
    1. "What is the basic science of this solution - how does it work?"
    2. "What part of the BP rubric are you working on now?"
    3. "Can you make any connections between the STEM Explorations you completed and your solution?"
Finding and monitoring teams and people in Participants:
  • In the left hand menu of the eFolio, under Participants select Learners by Name to list all teams (teams are our learners). Next to each team is a summary of the number of Goals and Work objects (in Draft, Review and Complete status). This helps you get an immediate sense of the amount of teamwork thus far. You can compare your team to others in the competition and draw your team's attention to how they are doing.
  • Student and adult team members are all "advisors" to the team, so selecting "Advisors by Learners" you can see all teams and all their members.
  • You can locate anyone in the project by viewing "All by Name" and next to each name will be an email address if one is available.
  • Select your own name from any list to edit your personal information.
  • Select "Open PLP" to go into a team's private area. You will only be able to go into team areas that you advise.

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