eFolio for Team Members

Here are some basics and suggestions:
  • If you use computers in labs and public places, be sure to log out when you leave, otherwise someone else can enter your private spaces.
  • If you have your own computer, then bookmark the most used sections of the eFolio, for example the Front door (login page), the Goals section and Work section.
How to use the Goals area:
  1. Start a New Goal anytime the main idea of your group planning discussion changes. This is also called the "parent" of the discussion. You might have a goal to explore solar power options, another one to look into redsigning the automobile, another one to just talk about how to work together as a team, another one to lay out a plan on how to get some work done, etc.
  2. Respond to the goal if you want to contribute an idea to that topic, respond to someone else's posting if you want to answer them or extend what they said. These are called the "children" of the "parent" document.
  3. If what you are saying is changing the subject, then either start a New Goal or look on the Goals List for a topic that the team is already "talking about" and add your idea there.
  4. At any time, go back to a Goal parent and link it to one of the project "standards." This will help you document how your discussions and teamwork meet Global Challenge outcomes.
  5. In April, you might want to refer to or print out screen shots of your Goals area to document team communications, or you can share selected discussions to help illustrate the team's decision making and planning processes.
How to use the Work area:
  1. Create a New Work whenever you have an important document to save, dicuss and develop into a section for your business plan. This includes the results of almost all the weekly challenges. Each new work is also a "parent" document and usually involves an uploaded text, picture, or graphic, plus a small notation in the decription box. Most teams use the description box to leave a message about the document, such as "Hey team, here is my first draft from last week's work. Please let me know what you think. If needed, please use the editing features of Microsoft Word and make direct, tracked changes to the document."
  2. Make the status of the Work "Ready for Feedback" to invite other team members to read and make comments on it. Leave it in Draft status if you just want to store a document now to work on later and you do not want others to see it at this time. To change status, click on the title of the Work, then select edit, make changes and save.
  3. Select the appropriate rubric to use if you want the team to evaluate the document to help decide if the team has the high quality that it wants for the work. Each team member can "Evaluate" the document and those scores can help the team address each aspect of the rubric - which leads to higher team scores and a much improved final product.
  4. Respond to the parent document with words of praise, ideas for changes, etc. You can attach a new version of the document that contains your edits, so that the primary author can incorporate your ideas into the final version.
  5. Once the primary author thinks the document is close to perfect, we recommend posting a New Work that says "Final draft of ..." This makes it easy to retrieve later.
  6. If you want to "seal up" the work on the section, then change the status of the parent Work document to Complete. We recommend leaving all documents in Ready for Feedback status during the entire competition.
  7. Knit together all the final drafts into your final business plan during April. ----- Got a question? Skype us... My status Chat with David Gibson, Executive Director