eFolio Overview

Some definitions to begin with...

Learner: Each International Team is a learner. The 2 US students and their advisor and the 2 International students and their advisors are assigned to a learner (their team name).

Advisor: Every GC participant is an advisor to at least one learner (one student team). If you are an adult advisor, you may be an advisor to several learners (several student teams), for example, some team advisors oversee multiple country teams. They would be assigned to multiple learners. 

Within your International Team eFolio, you have a home page. On the left of the page are 4 areas: Planning, Solutions, Criteria Check, and Portfolios. These are the areas you will use to create, discuss, post, and polish your work on your weekly challenges and business plan.

Planning: This is where you can have discussions about what you are planning to do. Each discussion is called a "goal" (e.g. “let's research AI”). Then the team can talk about that and everything is saved there much like a message board only with one or two important additions. It can link each parent thread to the scored outcomes of the competition, making it easy to prove to judges that you met standards. And you can make a graphic of all those linkages as a picture to place into your final record, again showing judges things like "how we worked together as a team.”

  • Standards This area lists the standards that your team is expected to meet.
  • Surveys This is where you will find surveys that the GC staff have asked your team to complete.
  • Goals When you want to post something for the team to discuss you create a new goal. It will bring up a form where you a subject or discussion for the goal, select the standards that it applies to (if applicable), and then the details your message. Your teammates will be notified of the new goal. When they open the goal, there will be a button for comment. All discussion on the goal will be listed below it, so you can look back through the discussion you have had.
  • Resources Here you will find some general resources that will continue to be updated as you progress through the weekly challenges.
Solutions: This is where to put actual parts of the Business Plan and anything else you create. Each item you make is then a parent thread, again with the same kind of links like above. In addition to that, a "score card" or “rubric" is available to the team, your adult advisors and us at the project. You can always delete anything you make, so experiment and delete as you wish. Members of the team get emails when you make goals or respond to them and when you make things ready for feedback IF you pick their name to enable them to see the work.
  • Folders You may create any folders that you need and name them any way you like. We recommend a folder for each person's own STEM Exploration documents, which helps us see who did the STEM research, study and work. All work that anyone does helps the whole team, so do as much as you can at the highest level you can.
  • Rubrics See the expectations set by GC for each section of the final business plan. We recommend that the whole team use the appropriate rubric to score each section of the Business Plan as you complete them. This will give you a very good idea of your final score on the BP.
  • Work There are 3 status levels for work—draft, ready for feedback, and complete. When you open “new work” it will prompt you to enter a topic or subject, select a status level of the work, select the folder where the work will be displayed, and then post your work or upload a file. Use "draft" to keep things hidden from everyone. Use "ready for feedback" to have an open discussion with your team and advisors (and nobody else). It is best to keep everything in ready mode right up until April. Then set things to "complete" only when you are all ready to submit your final draft of your business plan.
Criteria Check: The 3rd and final section is a reports area and is really simple...point, click, see...etc. It saves a record of the status of your whole effort at a moment in time. You can save a few to show how the team progressed...or you can just use the final ones to show where you wind up.

A few common questions

What gets graded? Only the final submissions of a Technical Innovation Plan or Global Business Plan will be judged by outside judges. All other asepcts and work are looked at by staff and STEM Mentors. You are encouraged to ask them for feedback at every step.

What are the weekly assignments for? They are designed to help your team stay on track. The weekly challenges also help show your teamwork. Ultimately, they help you earn points for prize and awards AND help build the knowledge and skills to produce a great team product!

Are the weekly "Explorations" the only way to show STEM knowledge? No. You can show STEM knowledge right in your final submissions. However, the STEM Explorations are important for two reasons. A winning submission may be tied with another team, so then the Team Building Exercsies, STEM Explorations and TIP or GBP Challenges help tip the balance on an overall score. 

Should we submit the STEM Explorations collectively with our business plan? No. Leave the STEM Explorations in the eFolio.