This Year's Challenge

The Global Challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to create new science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business solutions that address Global Climate Change and the Future of Energy

Check out some recent news! Christian Science Monitor article, and SciTech Today video feed. Over 2600 students from 50 countries are registered for 2006-2007! Also check out our newest poster (GC3x4poster.pdf)...print it out and give it to your friends!

Teams of four students aged 14 to 17 work together across the globe to create a feasible plan for a global business that addresses the issues. The team goal is to create an innovative solution to address global climate change and a presentation that shows each team member’s understanding of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of their solution as well as its global business potential. 

This is a big challenge for any team of people! Students have eight months - from October to May - to complete their business plan. Substantial scholarship prizes for winning teams are selected each June by a panel of expert judges. My status
Chat with Sally C. O'Rourke - Director of Student Advising and Enrollment