Finding Models from Past Years

Team Challenge

When you are about to buy something online, what do you look at? A picture? A list of features? Cost? How about a short paragraph that tells you how it works or what it can do for you? This is part of what you want to make for your business plan.

But you have to go further than marketing materials, remembering that your reader is a potential investor to help establish your business. The Global Challenge reader is also a judge who is looking for outstanding, innovative, promising ideas! Your current challenge is to begin to create materials for this section of your solution's business plan.


This year, when your team is ready, you should fill out a patent registration form in the Patent office to protect your key ideas. Each year, the office also posts previous year's winners. See the 2006 Winners of the Global Challenge Award college scholarships.


BASIC LEVEL Read the product description from one or two projects from past years. Find them online in the Patent Office. Since Global Challenge is a young program, there are only a couple of examples to review, so go "shopping" for a product somewhat like the one you are envisioning. See how others describe their products and offerings.

Develop answers to the following questions:

  • What makes a product description section highly effective and less effective?
  • How could past teams have done a better job?
  • Using the BP Rubric, how would have scored the ones you read?
  • What ideas do you have for using the BP Rubric to build a great product decription section?

GOING BEYOND Be sure to document who on your team is fulfilling these kinds of roles

  • Task Leader, (Research Team Leader, Team Leader)
  • Documentation (writing, editing, putting things together, linking to standards)
  • Resources (finds and gets stuff)
  • Evaluation and team reflection role (process monitor role)
GOING CRAZY Surprise us!


Your final result should go into your team's eFolio space, as a draft plan about how to accomplish this section's research and writing needs. Use the BP rubric to guide your thinking.