Create a Model

Team Challenge

Create an actual, operating model (or a well-documented virtual version, theoretical explanation or plan for a model) of your solution, illustrate it and explain it to others.


As before, you are "way out" on your own with resources, since you are deep into your own innovative idea at this point. We would appreciate it it if you would add new resources to the Global Resources so that others may benefit from your brilliance in the future!


GOING CRAZY This task has no "basic level" or "going beyond" because, well, it's a big challenge to actually build an operational model. Your team will not be penalized if you skip this challenge. But if you tackle it, you'll get major "wow" points.

Here are some questions and statements to guide your thinking:

  • Who in the academic or scientific world has your team talked with to get ideas/information for your solution? Describe this experience and discuss the impact on the development of your product.
  • How much does your solution impact Global Climate Change? Create a math equation, symbolic representation, or diagram that demonstrates the product’s processes and climate impact. For example, if your product reduces greenhouse gases, you might symbolically represent how many tons of carbon are eliminated thanks to your product.

Use team roles to make this task go quicker, better, faster and with more pizzazz

  • Task Leader, (Research Team Leader, Team Leader)
  • Documenter (writing, editing, putting things together, linking to standards)
  • Resource Person (finds and gets stuff)
  • Evaluator and team reflection role (process monitor role)


Your final result should go into your team's eFolio , where the team can discuss and assess the result using the BP rubric . There is an online scorable rubric for section "3.0 Product Description/Technical Analysis" accessible from within the eFolio