Your Challenge

What is Engineering Anyway? Engineering offers more career options than any other discipline. It’s a profession that can take you from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space, from within the microscopic structures of the human cell to the top of the tallest skyscrapers.

Your challenge is to learn about this field and think about its possibilities for your future. You can do it - you have come this far already!


See the ASEE Engineering K12 Center


BASIC LEVEL (1 point) Read Have You Got What it Takes? and complete the Two Quizes

GOING BEYOND (2 points) Choose 2 to 3 fields of engineering from the Engineering Disciplines and write a short paper about why these interest you. Do you see the fields related to each other in some way? Tell the reader what you might like to do if you developed deep knowledge and expertise in these fields.

GOING CRAZY (3 points) Do all of the above AND choose from 1 to 3 engineering disciplines that you feel might make an important contribution to your team's solution or discussions. Start a discussion with your teammates about the merits (the benefits and challenges) of addressing this field of engineering within your solution. If you could hire people from any of the disciplines to help with your solution, who would you hire and what would you have them work on?


Document your exploration in your team's eFolio and place the documentation into the folder "STEM Explorations." Title your entry with [your name]-[STEM area:]-[topic]-[Process Level] so advisors can monitor and help out. For example, I might have an entry titled "David Gibson - Engineering: Materials Science - Going Beyond].