Your Challenge

"Science" is a very broad term, encompassing essentially any area of knowledge that advances by means of observation, experiment and theorizing. Your challenge is to follow your interests to find two or three subfields of science that relate to your questions and aspirations. Then, explore the fields - what are the main concerns, who are the people that engage with it, where do its paths lead, what are its outstanding unaswered questions?


Find a topic and dive in at Science Niche supported by Dr. Dyann Schmidel (Computer Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry)

Check out Global Resources. There are great sites to visit that explore the physical, social and economic balances; especially the collection of Recent Discoveries and Ask the Scientist links.

We would appreciate it if you would add new resources from your explorations to the Global Resources so that others may benefit from your brilliance in the future!


BASIC LEVEL (1 point) Find a topic that personally interests you. It does not have to be related to anything other than your interest. Document your finding in 1 or 2 paragraphs and place into your eFolio.

GOING BEYOND (2 points) Do the above, but extend the paper to 2 pages and talk about what interests you and why you think further study of this topic might be a cool thing to do. Also include what you would like to be able to do if you had deep knowledge and expertise in this topic area.

GOING CRAZY (3 points) Create a 2 to 3 page paper or multimedia presentation about the topic you selected in specific relationship to your team's solution or main areas of discussion. Propose to the team how the solution might be impacted by further research into this area. Start a discussion in your team's eFolio. Place evidence of both the paper and the discussion into the STEM Explorations folder in the eFolio.


Document your exploration in your team's eFolio and place the documentation into the folder "STEM Explorations." Title your entry with [your name]-[STEM area:]-[topic]-[Process Level] so advisors can monitor and help out. For example, I might have an entry titled "David Gibson - Science: Nanotechnology - Basic Level].