Your Challenge

Technology shaping our world includes information technology as well as all forms of engineered materials, tools and processes. That is a giant area to learn about! Your challenge is to self-assess your IT skills, address areas that you need to develop, and become aware of the enormous scope of technology as "engineered science in action."


eFolio "IT and Global Problem Solving Survey"
Headlines at Google News on Science & Technology
Science & Technology Directory at Technology Trading Exchange (TYNAX)


BASIC LEVEL (1 point) If you have NOT taken the technology self assessment in the eFolio, do that now and use the results to determine an area you need to work on. Look for places where you score your self at a Level 1 first, then move to Level 2 areas.

GOING BEYOND (2 points) Using Google News, select a recent headline in science & technology, research the issue and write a short paper that relates the news to possibilities for your own educational future.

GOING CRAZY (3 points) In addition to Level 2 (yep that menas do both), research into one or more topic areas from the TYNAX Durectory and write a short paper that relates it to global warming, the future of energy or their impacts on society.

Then bring up the topic with your teammates and show evidence of the discussion in your eFolio


Place documentation of this STEM activity into your team's eFolio space into the folder titled "STEM Explorations." Title your entry with [your name]-[STEM area:]-[topic]-[Process Level] so advisors can monitor and help out. For example, I might have an entry titled "David Gibson - Technology: Artificial Intelligence - Going Beyond"].