Your Challenge

What level of mathematics are you working on in school and can you go beyond it on your own? The mathematics challenge is to practice solving problems in any area that helps you in school AND to explore any topic that interests you.


Online help is always available for this challenge as well as for your ongoing homework. Make a bookmark of the following sites so you can grab for all the help you can to succeed in mathematics this year!

Use The Math Forum (check out Ask Dr. Math!) and WebMath

Also check out Purple Math for online "quick lessons" in most high school math topics. Get what you need to succeed!


For this individual challenge, go to the most appropriate section of the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives and work on your own by reading, exploring, playing games and solving problems. First select "The Global Challenge" as the school, then choose the level of mathematics you want to work on (e.g. Algebra 1, 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus).

BASIC LEVEL (1 point) Complete 1 lesson or read about 1 new mathematical idea.

GOING BEYOND (2 points) Complete 2 lessons and read about 1 mathematical idea that is new to you (or that needs to be refreshed!)

GOING CRAZY (3 points) Complete 2 to 3 lessons, including 1 in a new area of mathematics.


In your team's eFolio, post a note and some documentation of the above problems into the folder titled "STEM Challenges." Title your entry with [your name]-[STEM area:]-[topic]-[Process Level] so advisors can monitor and help out. For example, I might have an entry titled "David Gibson - Mathematics: Algebra 1 - Going Crazy].