This Year's Challenge

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The Global Challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to create new science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business solutions that address "Global Climate Change and the Future of Energy"

Here is the challenge. Build a team. Explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of global warming and the future of energy. Create an innovative solution in one of two tracks by April 30! 

International teams of four high school students (2 U.S. and 2 from another country) work together over the Internet to identify a solution that addresses some aspect of climate change and the future of energy.  Two levels of competition are available to you:  the Technical Innovation and the Global Business Plan Competitions.  In the Technical Innovation Plan Competition you must prepare and submit a description of your innovative idea for solving the world's global climate crisis.  In the Global Business Plan Competition, your team must extend that idea to show its potential as a feasible global business through the development of a detailed business plan. 

In both competition tracks, students are challenged to show each team member’s understanding of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of their solution.  Daunted?  Don't be!  We'll help you every step of the way and show you everything you need to know.  Check out the Contest Rules and then we hope to see you Register for the challenge!

This is a big challenge for any team of people! Students have eight months - from October to May - to complete their final submissions.  Participants earn prizes based on a point system for tasks completed.  Final submissions are judged by an expert panel each June for a Scholarship Award in each of the two competitions. 


Email Sally C. O'Rourke - Director of Student Advising and Enrollment.