Why Global Challenge?

The global and economic future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Read the short history of the Global Challenge. Technology, especially the Internet, is accelerating the pace of globalization and the growth of foreign businesses across all industries. China, India, Korea and other countries are quickly emerging as leaders in design, engineering, manufacturing, services, and innovation. Many in the US consider globalization and foreign competition to be a threat, as American companies start to anticipate, prepare for, and react to increased competition by changing their traditional ways of operating. Adjusting to this new dynamic is challenging for the citizens and workers of developing countries as well as developed countries.

But we believe that the changing global landscape creates an opportunity for all nations to strengthen and expand global understanding and cooperation and to solve the world’s most intractable problems, including global climate change, poverty, and disease. Through The Global Challenge, students begin to think more about these problems with applied math and science skills before they graduate from high school. We can turn the "problem” of global competition into an opportunity if we develop a global perspective and respond with the energy and creativity needed for leadership in innovation.

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