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I have graduated from high school and have started college.  Although I do not have the time to be a mentor, I will not soon forget the lessons I learned from the Global Challenge Event.  I am pursuing an undergraduate degree at Harvard College in Cambridge, MA, and currently looking for new courses.  Good luck to this year's Global Challenge participants.

Sam Perez

I must congratulate you for creating this wonderful platform. Beyond the prizes, the rewards and the recognition, we have enjoyed the process of discovery and the debates that have permeated our lives these last 8 months – about our life choices, our Government policies, the citizens’ initiatives… the list is endless. Believe me, through this project, the issue of global warming has reached corners you people would never have imagined!

I wish you the very best in your efforts and thank you for including us in this learning process.

Regards, Sahana (Meghna's mom - India 2007) 

I had a very wonderful time, learning what I had never learnt in my school and experiencing what I had never imagined before!

Mengjie (China 2007)

From Van (Luke's dad - US 2007):

Learning to persevere on a long, sometimes difficult project with a
long time between doing the work and seeing the possible prize at the end.
This is the opposite of instant gratification, and a hard lesson.  It's also
unlike the "internet" that this digital generation is used to, and yet being
able to stick it out for the long haul is an essential skill even in the
future.  In addition, learning to work with a team of people you don't
really know, and having to provide some leadership to keep the team going - these are great skills to acquire.

GC helps to open up kids to other worlds and cultures, and what it's like to work with them.  It's an important chance for the next generation of people to see what it is like to work with people you have never met, who live in different time zones, and who may not speak your language well.  Our kids are growing up into a Flat World and GC is a chance for them to experience that early on.  It's a learning experience they will be able to talk about for years.  And it should be relevant to their chances of doing well - how many kids can put on their resume that they have done significant projects with other kids from China/etc?

I'd tell potential funders that helping to inspire the next generation
of entrepreneurs is really important - and that the future is a world in
which being able to work across time zones, and across cultures is vitally
important.  GC helps to teach this to kids.  Perhaps more importantly, if
you are able to generate good PR around this, it may serve to inspire kids
even if they don't compete themselves.

Thanks so much for the opportunity you guys gave me in letting me attend the
2007 Governor's Institute at the University of Vermont. I am very grateful
for everybody's commitment to global challenge as well as GIV. Global
challenge was one of the best decisions I have ever made, opening up many
doors for me. Here, I was not only able to experience the East Coast, but I
also got an in depth look at engineering, one of my primary interests. In
summary, I would like to thank you guys because I have had a great time with
both Global Challenge and GIV. I look forward to doing these events again
next year.

Thanks for your commitment to these great programs,
Daniel (US, 2007)

 Jeanne (a science teacher who advised a team in 2007)

My girls found a well of reserve and energy in themselves during the last days that they were unsure of having.  They are academically confident students but worked on a project without sure answers and rose to the challenge. 

If you would recommend The Global Challenge to other parents and
students, what would you tell them about the program? I would caution them on the intensity of the project.  It is at times overwhelming for the students (mentors have a reasonable load, if the students are doing the work).  But I would also say that the students learn skills not taught in classes.  They learn to problem solve with something at stake (winning), to work with each other and those of different cultures, to ask questions of professionals in a proper and effective manner, etc.

These are the people who will return from college and make a difference in our lives and the rest of the world.  Training them to do it well is essential. 

I got back from St.Louis yesterday afternoon (shanghai time). I've already
sent the email to Xin Min Evening News. I will never forget the happy days i spent and it is also a precious experience for me.Thank you so much for what you gave and taught me.

Yi (China 2007)

I 'm really thankful to your care to me. The Global Challenge and GIV program were really great experences for my life. I learned a lot and my viewpoints toward both science and global community were widened and deepened. I miss you and my friends. Global challenge students are still keeping touch with me! We will continue forming a network through internet.

Changhyun (Korea 2007)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I am so lucky to be a member of the Global Challenge team. It is from the Global Challenge that I learned I could REALLY do something myself to help save the world and it is from the Global Challenge that I realized my limit in the knowledge of STEM. I have decided to read about engineering as much as possible in the coming academic year and perhaps my team will brainstorm some interesting ideas! Would you please recommend me some books on engineering, or on fuel cells?

As a rising senior, I am making my college explorations and I wish to be accepted by an American college. Though I have already made myself a quite clear future plan and I do know what I want to pursue in the college and in the years after I graduate from my college, I am lost in the college selection. Hope I will have found the way out by the end of the summer vocation! Yes, I believe I will! Would you please write a recommendation for me? Your evaluation is very important to me, very important indeed.

Guess where I am? Beijing, the capital city of China that is a 15-hour-train-trip from Shanghai! I set out on the following day I returned and am here for a competition. Good luck to me!

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you!

Mengjie (China 2007)

We are so impressed by your vision and what your organization does!    Young kids are inspired to learn and utilize science, technology, math....to create solutions for the most urgent global challenges we are facing.   Ida is so lucky to have the chance to get involved.  Thank you so much....

Best Regards,
Tom and Tiffany (Ida's parents - US 2007)

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